This is Milbank

Monday, February 6, 2017

history of the ice skate

In case you have not notice, I have a strong love for hockey and contact sports in general, because  hockey is one of my favorite sports, and I have a habit of wanting to know the history of lots of things, I looked up the history of the ice skate. So after lite reading, I found out in the mid 14th century the Dutch would put iron runners on foot size wooden platforms and strapped there feet to the wood with leather and just like that we have ice skates. Now there was something to do with an animals leg bone and leather straps but there wasn't a time and place so I used the Dutch theory.

What I found interesting in my research on Milbank

I recently did a paper for a school assignment on my town Milbank, so I had to do some research and while I was going through old newspapers I found something that I myself had never known. This was that Milbank had an old ice skating rink, and do to my love for hockey I did a little extra reading and as it turned out during the year 1991 there was a out door ice rink in what is now a bike path in Pribyl Park (which, if you didn't figure out, no longer has an ice rink.) There is an ice rink in present day Hurley Park. So I found that pretty interesting.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Top 3 ways to stay healthy over the holidays

Its that time of year aging and we all know what that means,  there will be thanks giving feast and all the cookies for Santa than well all have the new years resolution of I want to loose weight or I am going to start working out more or I am going to eat less. Well first let me tell you something, eating less won't make you lighter, you actually need food to build muscles (and survive) but the right kinds of food not M&Ms or cake and chips and pop, granted those can be tasty, but if you want to build muscles you need magic called proteins (not real magic) proteins are something you will find in beans, yogurt and meats. All-rite I will list off 3 ways to stay healthy, and you can read and do what all good blog readers do.

1. Running, doesn't even have you be out side, it does get cold out, at least where I live, so maybe you can find a local fitness facility, or run on a track, maybe you like falling I mean running on ice, maybe you have a treadmill in your garage go use that thing.

2. There are plenty of foods in the world that are small, filling tasty and have proteins, there are also big foods that do the same, one thing you are bound to have at thanks giving is turkey and/or chicken, chicken is packed with protein and can be good cooked or cold, then there is one of my personal favorites, yogurt, it comes in a multitude of flavors, like blue berry, orange, cakes, cheese cakes, other pastries and fruits. and there are hundreds of brand, and every brand has new flavors, my favorite brand is Whips. yogurt is also packed with proteins.

3.Salads, now don't jump to cookie salad, those are good ,but, that's not what I'm talking about, salad with lettuce, don't think salads contain just lettuce, they can contain, really anything beyond your wildest dreams! ok maybe not that far, but they can contain a variety of vegies, dressings, even some meats, because who doesn't like bacon bites. there is also ton, I mean tonnnnnns of salad dressing, strawberry, ranch and others that have weird names.

So if you want to stay healthy and not gain so much holiday weight there are my to three ways

Monday, October 31, 2016

lazy work out

The lazy work out. You all probably just went, WHAT?,  But don't worry I will explain. So the lazy work out is something like what it sounds like, (polar opposites?)  No, OK a little bit. So this is for anybody who likes there PS3 or x-box. All you do is every time you die or lose (since that is all you can do in games),  I my self play Battle field 4 (great game by the way) and very time I would die in the game, I had to get down and do 5 push-ups. You can do this different ways, sit ups, jumping jacks.You can even to it during camarsials of a TV show

Monday, September 26, 2016

Run ,push-up And run some more

I have recently learned about a great new workout for any body, and all you need is a track or some wide circle to run on and two hand weights of your choice. This work out is great for any body wanting to become a better athlete or just want be healthy and fit, So there are some various ways to do this. The way I did this, was I go two 3 pound weights, than I went  to the track and started to run, and when I got to a corner or turn, i got down and did 5 push-ups. than I got up and started to do karaoke ( if you don't know what that is here is a link for your troubles( That was the way I did it, you can do with just 
push-up and running or some other ways.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

let the blog beging

Hello this is my blog, my name is Maddox  so lets get to it. In this blog I will do, interesting facts, book and movie reviews, good tips and ways to stay healthy, sports reviews and facts and some more fun stuff like that.